Welcome to the Year of Adventures!
The Year 2016-17 awaits all lovers of the musical theatre with fantastic new surprises, as well as all of their old favourites. We offer new premiers in the genre of opera, operetta and musical, we tells stories modern and historical, comic and tragic, so that everyone can find something to their liking. All our big-stage productions are subtitled either in English or in German. Ticket sales for our September and October performances are already online.
We open our new season with two celebrations: the Pest Broadway Festival on September 16-17 and the Night of Theatres on September 17. The latter will offer the Season-starting performance of our theatre's signature operetta, The Gipsy Princess (or Die Csárdásfürstin), as well as special behind-the-scenes programs late into the evening.

Pest Broadway Festival
The first premier of the Year of Adventures is the rock musical Lady Budapest on the 21st of October. Lady Budapest pays homage to the 60th anniversary of the 1956 revolution, as it is an adaptation of Journey, a George Tabori novel about the heroes and victims of the same revolution. In the immediate aftermath of the fallen revolution, an English Lady named Ashton finds a bus that will take her, her wounded and persecuted revolutionary lover Veres Pál, and a number of other foreigners and freedom fighters to safety over the border. But a Soviet officer, Surov notices something is off about the weary band of travellers, and stops them. Against his will, he also becomes enamoured with Lady Ashton, and a complicated game between truth and lie, love and duty begins go play out amidst the chaos that is Hungarian history. With the adept musical-writing team of Miklós and Kocsák, and the inventive direction of Szilárd Somogyi, this will surely be an experience you won't forget.

Lady Budapest
Singing in the Rain
Our next premier on February 17th 2017 is Singing in the Rain. This well-loved classic of the musical genre saw its first Hungarian performance in the co-production of the Budapest Operetta Theatre and the Szeged Open-Air Theatre Festival this summer.  The Budapest version features the same amount of sparkling larger-than-life spectacle crammed into a normal-sized theatre stage. Starring the energetic young talents of our theatre, this production keeps up with the extremely energetic tap-dancing and tongue-twisting wonder of the original, with a heap of showbiz glamour and true love on top! A story about the birth of musical cinema and the beginning of a love affair between Don the film actor and Kathy, the aspiring singer, this new version of an old favourite interpreted by the capable Szilárd Somogyi will have audiences tapping their feet.

The Merry Widow
And then on the 31st of March, we bring back another indisputable, unforgettable classic: Franz Lehár's The Merry Widow. This operetta is one of the most well-known in the world, also one of the great successes of this very theater, and for good reason. Both the heartbreakingly gorgeous music and the sweepingly romantic story speak for themselves, even after 111 years have passed. The drama of Glavari Hanna, the wealthy widow and Danilo Danilovich, the ambassadorial secretary, two people with a long history and far too much pride to admit their true feelings, behind the backdrop of the bankrupt and desperate nation of Pontevedro is a little bit of a fairytale and a little bit of political intrigue. Máté Szabó's reimagination of this timeless classic definitely promises to be a real treat to all operetta fans.

Creative Connections
The season's final premier is continuing last year's successful trend of including a modern opera production in our repertoire. Creative Connections is a story about four present-day people just like the people in the audience, their connections and missed connections, their professional successes and private disappointments. The Photographer watches his clients and they watch him back, as he takes photographs of them and becomes hopelessly tangles up in their lives - in the lives of the Singer, the Programmer and the Businesswoman. First premiering at the Bartók Opera Festival, this brand new creation stars exquisite operatic voices, and relies on the explosive talent of up-and-coming director Krisztina Székely. With music by Tamás Beischer-Matyó and libretto by Anna Eliza Mechler, I heartily recommend this chamber opera who wants to know what the genre can say about our lives today.

Gone with the Wind
Other than the two brand new premiers, you'll also see two remakes of our theatre's old favourites: from the 21st of September, you can see Gone with the Wind, the sweeping epic of love and loss during the American Civil War, set to the brilliant score of Gerard Presgurvic. And from the 25th of November, you can once again see Emmerich Kálmán's most well-known musical, the Countess Mariza. The story about the proud countess who invents herself a fake fiancé to avoid the attention of her suitors and the penniless nobleman working as a bailiff is not only a captivating romance, but a stunning fusion of rural Hungarian folklore and big-city operetta glamour.

However, the greatest news of the 2016/17 season is that our theatre is embarking on a real adventure: reopening the legendary Somossy Orfeum, the undeservedly abandoned neighbour of the Operetta Theatre. Honoring the name of the composer who has become our theatre's de facto patron saint, the new name of our stage is Emmerich Kálmán Theatre. This new stage will house an audience of 200, and it will host a wide variety of productions - both regular repertoire pieces and one-off galas, cultural events and guest performances. Watch this space for news about the Emmerich Kálmán Theátrum to read about the surprises we have in store!

Beauty and the Beast
Meanwhile you can still watch all the previous successes of our theatre, including a large handful of excellent family-friendly productions, from Hungarian rock-fairytale Josiah the Devilslayer to Disney classic Beauty and the Beast.

Welcome to the Year of Adventure, and please visit us soon!

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